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Level II workshop: Shakespeare Scene Study Lab
Sunday, February 11, 2024
Pearl Studios, 500 Eight Avenue, NY 10018
Level I and II bundle: $120.00


This is a workshop for students that have successfully completed level I (Monologues), and for invited actors and company members. 


Advanced scene study/scene rehearsal lab is for students and professionals alike. Join us as we take the form, readiness, presence and specificity work done in Level I, and expand it to work on some of the most iconic scenes in the canon.


We’ll work on:

  • feeling the form like a piece of music 

  • the balance of taking and yielding in a scene 

  • staging vs blocking a scene 

  • exercises that will unleash the life of the scene from the very first rehearsal 


We’ll be working on two Shakespeare scenes which will be sent to the students a few days ahead. No need to be off-book, since this is mainly a rehearsal laboratory the actors will have readers feeding them lines during the exercises. 


Due to the nature of the workshop, we’ll be able to take a maximum of 10 participants per class. We’ll have a waiting list in place, either in case of cancellation or as a first-bid option on the next Level II workshop for students who missed the previous one.

To apply, please submit your headshot and resume below

(or email &

📸 Hraban Luyat

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