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"What treasure, uncle?" 
                                          "tennis balls, my liege."



Collin McConnell: Henry V


Aleda Bliss: Gloster, Nym, Dauphin, Court


Sean Lounsbury: Exeter, Pistol, Grandpre


Omar JavedWarwick, Bardolph, Rambures, Governor, Messengers


Hraban Luyat: Charles VI, Macmorris, Cambridge, Herald, Erpingham


Adam Kampouris: Westmoreland, Gower, French Soldier, Bourbon


Simone Stadler: Katharine, Boy, Scroop, Williams, 2nd Ambassador


Erin Roth: Alice, Hostess, Orleans, Grey, York


Jennifer Bruckner: Burgundy, Fluellen, Ely, Salisbury


Iain McLellan: Clarence/Bedford, Constable, Bates, Jamy


Patrick Siler: Canterbury, Huntingdon


Celeste Moratti: Chorus, Montjoy, 1st Ambassador, Isabel

Friday, march 15th:
Saturday, March 16th: 2pm and 8pm
Sunday, March 17:


The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater10 West 64th Street, New York, NY 10023.

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